Arizona Photos
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As we travel, Michael and Georgia have promised that they will take photos to prove where I have been.   Arizona has deserts, mountains and mild winters.  I like that in a state.   I will try not to get too upset when they leave me out of a photo (Yep, got into the very first one).

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About to enter ArizonaMeteor Crater
My last tree in New Mexico before entering Arizona Georgia visits Meteor Crater, Arizona

Route 66

Following Route 66Look at all the motorcyclesLonely on Route 66
Following Route 66 Route 66 is popular with Bikers Near Peach Springs, AZ

Memories57 VetteHackberry General Store
Brings back memories of the Mojave Desert circa 1958 Hackberry General Store with a genuine 1957 Corvette 50's Soda Fountain in Hackberry General Store

Georgia at HackberryHackberry General StoreI like this car
Georgia and the Vette The gathering place in Hackberry I think I would look good riding around in a Vette

Burma Shave signsHi Angela  Take It Easy
Remember the Burma Shave signs? This ones for you, Angela Standing On A Corner in Winslow Arizona

Lake Havasu City

The real London BridgeThe BridgeDetail work on the bridge
What is the London Bridge doing in the middle of the Arizona desert? The London Bridge from the south Someone went to a lot of trouble to take the bridge apart and put it back together

Lamp postHavasu CityAnother off leash dog park
Lamp posts on the London Bridge Lake Havasu City I got to play at the Lions Dog Park in Lake Havasu City


Look I'm a gunfighterHorses that are smaller than me
Patrick at the OK Corral Patrick meets miniature horses

Click Here for a short video of Patrick and the Miniature Horses

BootHill CemeteryVictims of the OK Corral ShootoutGrave in BootHill Cemetery
Boothill Graveyard Victims of the OK Corral A Little Humor

Boulders at Texas Canyon  That's a Weird Looking Rock  Nice Landscape

Rock Formation in Texas Canyon Wind Has Left Unusual Shape in Texas Canyon Texas Canyon Panorama

Neat Sunsets in Eastern Arizona
Sunset near Holbrook

Entering Arizona again  Someone sure left strange rocks here  Beautiful Mountains

Entering Arizona from Nevada Rock Formations near the Utah border Mountains near Utah

That's Pretty
Tucson Sunset

Pima Air and Space Museum

Used By Kennedy and Johnson  That's One BIG Plane  Isn't It Nice That She Refuels Jets In The Air
1960's Air Force One for Short Runways Super Guppy Transported Missiles KB50J Super Fortress Aerial Refueling Tanker


Garden Cafe    Sunset in Safari Window
Garden Cafe Sunset from the Foothills Sunset on the Safari
Yuma Prison  Cell Block Yuma Prision  Help, they locked me up
Yuma Prison Cell Block They Finally Locked Up Michael

Guard House at the Yuma Prison  Attack Helo  Military Helicopter
Guard House at Yuma Prison Military Attack Helicopter Military Helicopter

Patrick Back In Winslow   Full Moon over the Yuma Foothills    Shilo Views the Yuma Sunset

Back in Winslow

Moon Over Yuma

Shilo Watches the Sunset

Bullhead City, AZ

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Roadrunner on Roof in Bullhead City

Laughlin, NV from Bullhead City

Laughlin, NV from Bullhead City


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