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Brandon Joseph Dean arrived as an early Christmas present to a large family of admirers.

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Brandon's First Week

Brandon and Melissa  Brandon and Lance  BrandonPhotoLanceNewBorn_9141.JPG (42465 bytes)

A Proud Mother with 2 Day Old Brandon Lance Handling the Feeding Brandon and a Photo of Lance as a Newborn

Brandon with his Christmas Hat  Brandon at 2 days  Brandon at 2 days

Brandon - The Perfect Christmas Present What a Beautiful Baby Little Hands

Brandon and Mary  Brandon and Vanessa  Brandon and Georgia

Mary Visiting Brandon Aunt Vanessa A Proud Grandmother

Brandon and Georgia  Brandon Michael Georgia  Brandon and Michael

What a Wonderful Christmas Present Proud Grandparents Michael Holds His Grandson for the First Time

Bradon's 1st Christmas Eve

Cousins Visiting on Christmas Eve

Brandon with Proud Mother and Grandparents  BrandonSantaClaus_9215.JPG (33842 bytes)  BrandonSleeping_9220.JPG (40574 bytes)

The Best Christmas Eve Yet Baby Santa Claus Napping on Christmas

BrandonSharonG_9223.JPG (38017 bytes)  BrandonG_9224.JPG (53957 bytes)  BrandonRoscoe_9227.JPG (46199 bytes)

Proud Grandmothers Growing Everyday Roscoe Watching the Baby

BrandonMDsleep_9226.JPG (66038 bytes)  BrandonM_9234.JPG (54768 bytes)  BrandonG_9241.JPG (62943 bytes)

December 27 December 29 Bundle of Joy

Brandon_9242.JPG (40980 bytes)  BrandonBottle_9243.JPG (37862 bytes)

Tiny Hands Dinner Time

Brandon at Nine Months

BrandonSmile_5791.JPG (90301 bytes)  BrandonChair_6025.JPG (373017 bytes)  BrandonStairs_5825.JPG (94817 bytes)

What a Smile Look I'm Standing Up Stairs Are No Challenge For Me

BrandonMichael_5844.JPG (93881 bytes)  BrandonMichael_5859.JPG (114877 bytes)  BrandonMichael_6054.JPG (373933 bytes)

Starting Early with the Computer Resting A Big Boy

BrandonGeorgia_6077.JPG (443580 bytes)  BrandonBubbleFull_5932.JPG (78092 bytes)  BrandonFamily_6057.JPG (376700 bytes)
Georgia and Brandon Exploring What a Family

BrandonDad_6063.JPG (505297 bytes)  BrandonFamily_6065.JPG (372700 bytes)
Playing with Dad Family Portrait

Blowing Bubbles

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Page Updated 10/30/2010