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As we travel, Michael and Georgia have promised that they will take photos to prove where I have been.   I hope to become the most widely traveled Irish Wolfhound in the United States.   I think that travel gives a dog a broader perspective of life.   Don't you agree?   I will try not to get too upset when they leave me out of a photo (Yep, got into the very first one).

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Colorful? With this fog?Aston Martin at the Colorado Springs Airport
A foggy entry Remember James Bond in Goldfinger 

Rachel Gets Married

The Wedding ChapelThe Wedding CeremonyThe bride and groom
Shove Chapel The Marriage Ceremony Rachel and Jason

Wedding PartyTHE CakeVanessa the bridemaid
The Wedding Reception Would you believe Jason's an Aggie Vanessa and Georgia

Pikes Peak

I must be near the top of the worldOnly cowards take the trainOlympic Memorial
I made it to the top of Pikes Peak (14110 feet) Big Dogs drive instead of taking the train U.S. Olympic Memorial at Pikes Peak summit

Colorado SpringsLooking North from Pikes Peak
Colorado Springs from the summit of Pikes Peak Looking North from Pikes Peak at Crystal Reservoir

Olympic Training Complex

US Olympics Training CenterOlympic MallOlympic Flame
Olympic Training Complex Olympic Mall Olympic Flame

Aquatics Center Housing for Olympic Athletes US Shooting Team Center

WeightsGold Medalist GardnerThis place could smell bad
Weight Room Rulon Gardner-Gold Medal Greco wrestling at Sydney-one of the resident athletes Wrestling Gym

Sports MedicineOlympic Rings
Sports Medicine Complex Olympic Rings

ProRodeo Hall of Fame

Lots of Cowboy stuff in hereHow does he stay on that thing? No Rodeo Today Folks!
ProRodeo Hall of Fame Bronc Rider Chutes at the Rodeo Arena

This Bull is for real Wow, Something Bigger Than Me Ex-Mayor of Fort Worth
Livestock at the Rodeo These Horses are bigger than me Recognition for John Justin, Ex-Mayor of Ft. Worth

All American Cowboy
Larry Mahan-All American Cowboy


Golden CO  Golden Sign Armory Golden CO

Downtown Golden Along Clear Creek The Old Armory

Coors Brew Kettle  Golden Colorado From Lookout Mountain  Colorado Schoo of Mines Golden CO

Historic Coors Brewing Kettle Coors Plant from Lookout Mountain Colorado School of Mines

Coors from Lookout Mountain  Bear Golden CO  Golden Statues

Downtown Golden and the Coors Brewery Statues along Clear Creek

Golden Statue Band  Golden Dragon  Clear Creek Golden

Statues Near Clear Creek Clear Creek east of 4th Avenue

Clear Creek and Coors  Along Clear Creek

Clear Creek and the Coors Brewery Buildings Along Clear Creek

The Butterfly Pavilion

Butterfly Pavilion  Butterfly Pavilion  Butterfly Pavilion

A Variety of Butterflies at the Butterfly Pavilion

Butterfly Pavilion  Flowers Butterfly Pavilion  Butterfly Pavilion

A Variety of Butterflies and Flowers at the Butterfly Pavilion

Butterfly Pavillion  Blue Butterfly Blur  Butterfly Pavilion

Butterfly Boy, Those Blue Butterflies Move Fast Butterfly

ButterflyGreen_5769.JPG (47764 bytes)  FlowersButterflyPavillion_5776.JPG (39468 bytes)

Butterfly Flowering Plants at the Butterfly Pavilion

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