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I loved my Ford Club Wagon.  It had so much room for me to stretch out with the second row of seats removed.  After Michael and Georgia sold MY Club Wagon, they bought a PT Cruiser GT.  I wasn't sure about the smaller vehicle but they were nice enough to take me along with them to find a car that I would fit into.  The back seats fold down and tumble forward to make a flat floor area for me to stretch out in again.  It isn't my Club Wagon but it is kinda cute.

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PT Cruiser GT

My New Mobile HomeComin' At You
My New Home My New Turbo PT Cruiser

 The Entry Into My DomainI Will Be Spending A Lot of Time In HereI Am Not Really Into Instrument Panels
A Big Door To Aid My Entrance Opens Up to Make Plenty of Room For a Wolfie Michael and Georgia Like to Drive This Thing

Nice View   My Little Car Follows Me Everywhere   Isn't the Shield Cute?
The World From My New Car I Go Where I'm Towed (near Palm Springs, CA) The PT Decked Out for Towing In Tucson, AZ

My PT Always Follows Me In Case I Want To Go For A Ride   New License Frame and Splash Guards  Painted License Frame and Wiring Connector

Following Pacific Coast Highway After Adding Rear Splash Guards After Painting the License Frame and Wiring Connector

We Added Custom Body Colored Hood Struts  Laying Under My PT
Custom Hood Struts Laying Under My PT

OK Open The Door  Looking Good  There is lots of room back here
Let's Get Going Driver My Wheels Plenty Of Headroom

I like these little flag thingys  These Look Really Nice  I Case You Forgot This Is A PT Cruiser
Flames, I Got Flames I Feel Patriotic PT Wheel Emblems

Matches the Dash  I Would Be More Impressed If I Could Drive  It Is Important To Have Proper Ventilation For A Wolfhound
Custom Door Pocket Covers Chrome Billet Shift Knob Chrome AC Controls and Vent Knobs

New Brushed Aluminum Pedals  More Chrome  I Live For the Beach

Brushed Aluminum Pedals New Chrome Eyebrows and Steering Wheel Spokes PT Meets the Lagoon

New Mirrors with Integral Turn Signals  These Little Puppies Really Light Up When You Turn  Nice Blue Tint on Lens
M-3 Mirrors M-3 Mirrors at Night Blue Tinted Mirror Lens

I Like Water  Nice Car  Look Ma!! New Lights
Near the Bay I'm Looking Good

Custom Backup Lights 

New Tail Lights  Beep Beep  New Theme for the PT

New Tail Lights Real 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner Horn Continuing the Roadrunner Theme

Click Here for the "Voice of the Roadrunner"

    Looking Good

Running Bird Emblems from a 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner Getting Better All the Time

I Like the Billet and Shadow Dot  Cruisin the Beach  Following the Safari on Another Adventure

Shadow Dot Center Dash Console Just Cruisin' PT in Tucson


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Page Updated 10/30/2010