DataStorm 2004
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I love our MotoSat DataStorm Internet Satellite System.  The only thing better than being able to stop, raise the dish and get on the Internet is attending a DataStorm Rally.  The first rally was held in 2003 in Tampa, FL.  The second rally was held in Kerrville, TX at the Buckhorn Lake RV Resort.  I love rallies.  There are so many dogs to play with.

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2004 MotoSat DataStorm Rally

September 29 - October 2, 2004

We Join The Crowd  Beautiful RV Park 
Internet Satellite Dishes Arrive Buckhorn Lake Filling Up Before The Rally

 Nice Johnny Popper  I LOVE Cookouts  I Like This Place
Look At That Old John Deere Tractor Bring Your Own Meat Cookout Kicks Off the Rally Entrance To Buckhorn Lake RV Resort

I Love Blue Lights  Every Got A Little Blue Light But Me  Great Place for a Rally
Showing Our Blue Lights Showing Our Blue Lights Indoors DataStorm's Everywhere

Welcome Back Jim  Don Is A Great Instructor  Royal Lamb of MotoSat

Jim Pendleton, CEO, MotoSat Don Bradner Demo's the DW6000 Royal Lamb, Vice President of MotoSat

Good Classes  Neat Music  Good Prizes

Information on the New D2 Controller Entertainment By George Campbell Lot's of Door Prizes

Great Food  Good Music  Thanks Don!!
Great Meals for the 121 Attendees Entertainment by Ken Raba Don Bradner Receives Contributions for

   Completion of Another Great Rally
Last Night For the Sea of Blue Lights


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