DataStorm 2008
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In 2008, the DataStorm Rally returned to the eastern U.S.  The sixth annual rally was held in Tampa, Florida.  LazyDays Rally Park was the site of this rally.  Rally Park was also the location of the very first DataStorm Rally back in 2003.

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2008 MotoSat DataStorm Rally

November 9-15

LazyDays Rally Park, Tampa, FL

DSR08_6443.JPG (71656 bytes)  DSR08_6446.JPG (81486 bytes)  DSR08_6451.JPG (68995 bytes)
Volunteers Gather to Assemble Packets for Attendees

 DSR08_6466.JPG (79486 bytes)  DSR08_6471.JPG (38998 bytes)
Rally Begins with A Pot Luck Dinner and an Ice Breaker Organized by Chris Guld

DSR08_6477.JPG (49805 bytes)  DSR08_6478.JPG (57771 bytes)
Don Bradner Welcomes Guests Opening Session

DSR08_6483.JPG (85453 bytes)  DSR08_6479.JPG (44332 bytes)  DSR08_6482.JPG (73060 bytes)

Rally Center Royal Lamb Gives An Overview of Satellite TV and Internet Technology Maurice Rojas Demonstrates the Workings of the G74

DSR08_6485.JPG (49279 bytes)  DSR08_6507.JPG (34907 bytes)

Jim and Chris Guld Everyone Displays Their Blue Lights

DSR08_6516.JPG (102739 bytes)  DSR08_6535.JPG (69352 bytes)  DSR08_6539.JPG (37071 bytes)
Don and Georgia Handling Door Prizes Don's Personal Blue Light Display Blue Lights Throughout Rally Park

DSR08_6545.JPG (15954 bytes)  DSR08_6547.JPG (33447 bytes)  DSR08_6550.JPG (19104 bytes)
MotoSAT dishes at Rally Park

DSR08_6574.JPG (76391 bytes)  DSR08_6575.JPG (83247 bytes)  DSR08_6576.JPG (82396 bytes)
Two Technical Panel Sessions Gave Everyone a Chance to Get Their Questions Answered Attendees Learning About Their Systems Multiple MotoSAT dishes on Coaches Are Becoming More Prevelant

DSR08_6580.JPG (82948 bytes)  DSR08_6581.JPG (75031 bytes)  DSR08_6584.JPG (50498 bytes)
You MUST Have Your Badge Discussing Installation Issues Gary, Jim, Michael and Don

DSR08_6591.JPG (83324 bytes)  DSR08_6594.JPG (98348 bytes)  DSR08_6607.JPG (109981 bytes)
Michael and Don Recognize Maria For Her Assistance Awaiting the Nightly 50-50 Drawing Awarding Door Prizes

DSR08_6598.JPG (64800 bytes)  DSR08_6621.JPG (66660 bytes)

Thanking the Volunteers Phil Won the Grand Prize, a $2200 MotoSAT HD TV Dish


Blue Lights At Rally Park Taken From the Tackman's Airstream SkyDeck Coach


DSR08_6649.JPG (23140 bytes)
One Section of DataStorm Equipped RV's


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