DataStorm Rallies
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The only thing better than being able to stop, raise the dish and get on the Internet is attending a DataStorm Rally.  The first rally was held in 2003 in Tampa, FL.  The second rally was held in Kerrville, TX at the Buckhorn Lake RV Resort.  In 2005,  the third DataStorm Rally returned to Kerrville.  In 2006, the fourth DataStorm Rally returned to Kerrville with a sell out crowd of over 100 RV's.  In 2007, the fifth DataStorm Rally was held in Tucson, AZ.  The sixth DataStorm Rally was held back in Tampa in 2008.  Click on the links below to see photos of each rally.

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I have devoted a page to each DataStorm Rally click on the links below to see photos of each event

2008 MotoSat DataStorm Rally - Tampa, FL
DSR08_6483.JPG (85453 bytes) DSR08_6575.JPG (83247 bytes) DSR08_6645.JPG (36793 bytes)

LazyDays Rally Park

Asking Questions at the Technical Panel Discussion

Awash in a Sea of Blue Lights


2007 MotoSat DataStorm Rally - Tucson, AZ
DSR07NewellJoinsIn_7885.JPG (66815 bytes) DSR07BlueLights_7969.JPG (66135 bytes) DSR07BradnerSession_8018.JPG (35582 bytes)

Enjoying the Desert

Blue Lights

Don Bradner Discusses Networking


2006 MotoSat DataStorm Rally - Kerrville, TX

  Buckhorn Lake RV Resort Full of DataStormers  

Blue is Our Favorite Color

Sell Out Crowd at the 2006 Rally

Awash in a Sea of Blue Lights


2005 MotoSat DataStorm Rally - Kerrville, TX

DS3George_5322.jpg (48796 bytes)  DealerPanel_5338.jpg (61205 bytes)  DS3MeetGreet_5219.jpg (81929 bytes)

Blue Lights for George Campbell

Expert Panel Responds to Questions

Food Is Always A Focus at DataStorm Rallies


2004 MotoSat DataStorm Rally - Kerrville, TX

The Beautiful Hill Country A Texas Rally Must Include Real Barbeque Windmill and DataStorms, No Where Else But Texas

2003 MotoSat DataStorm Rally - Tampa, FL

Overcast Skies Didn't Dampen the Enthusiasm The Wonderful Glow of MotoSat DataStorms at Night

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