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Patrick's Family Photos

Michael and Georgia have asked me if it would be acceptable to add photos of their family and friends to MY website.  Being a benevolent sort of Wolfhound, I am only too happy to have them join us.  Heck I have even shared my couch with Melissa on occasion.  

Melissa and Lance


Melissa at Fernand's Wedding Georgia and Melissa Melissa and Michael


Melissa and Lance's Engagement Party Dinner in Dallas

The Big Moment Is At Hand  Congratulations On The Sheepskin Mel  OK OK We All Know You Are An Aggie
St. Edwards University Our Happy Graduate Once An Aggie Always An Aggie 

One Happy Couple  Glad To Have Graduation Behind Them  Melly's Puppy

Lance and Melissa Happy Couple After Melissa's Graduation Melissa and Sophie

My Favorite Girls  My Family Minus ME  Let Me At Them

Vanessa, Melissa, Georgia Vanessa, Georgia, Melissa, Michael Sophie Likes Lance's New Fish

Still Happy After All These Months of Marriage  Melissa and Lance's New Home  Roscoe Is Known For Assisting Melissa
Lance and Melissa at Disneyland Melissa and Lance's New Home Roscoe Helping Melissa Rest

Buck at Mels House  Fawn Across From Mel and Lance  Looks Almost Like I'm Sighting Her In
Buck Taking Up Residence Fawn Across the Street Doe  Watches for Roscoe and Sadie

LanceXmas06.JPG (97226 bytes)  MelLanceXmas06.JPG (67449 bytes)  MelLanceHome1206.JPG (127841 bytes)

What Would Christmas be Without Turkey? Santa Arrives in Austin Site of 2006 Christmas Extravaganza



Vanessa Graduates from LSU Universal Studios in Hollywood, California

Vanessa and Georgia at Rachel's Wedding Vanessa at Melissa and Lance's Engagement Party

Melissa, Vanessa, Georgia and Aunt Eleanor Vanessa and Melissa Wedding Reception

Attending Melissa's Graduation   Two Cuties at Disneyland  Vanessa Long Beach Aquarium
Vanessa at Melissa's Graduation Georgia and Vanessa at Disneyland Vanessa in Long Beach

VanessaXmas06.JPG (78539 bytes)  VanatWork_4719.JPG (75944 bytes)

Vanessa Opening Christmas Presents Vanessa at Work


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