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Florida has the Gulf of Mexico, the Keys, the Atlantic Ocean and the Everglades.  They like me so everything is right with the world.

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Entering Florida  

My 31st State

Destin Is A Great Tourist Attraction  Nice Sunset  Beach at Destin at Dusk
Destin Lives Sunset over Destin Moon Rise Over the Gulf

Clear Water in the Gulf  Aggies Are Everywhere  Boy, We Are Close to the Beach
Michael Checks Out the Gulf Aggies in Destin Camping on the Gulf

Seaside Florida  Nice View of the Gulf from the Top  Interesting Use of An Old Airstream  Airstream Refreshments

Seaside Condo's A 4-Story House A Converted Airstream Now a Lemonade Stand

Hope They Don't Get Stuck  Changing Weather Fades Emerald Water  Light Shining Off the Gulf

RV's on the Beach Rough Seas Shimmering Water

DataStorm Users Show Their Colors  Site of the 1st DataStorm Users Rally

DataStorm Users Rally in Tampa Display the Famous MotoSat Blue Lights Rally Park, Site of the 2003 DataStorm Users Rally

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WindsurfingParasurfing_6667.JPG (50482 bytes)   SanibelIslandLightHouse_7033.JPG (57944 bytes)  CaptivaIsland_7015.JPG (100688 bytes) 
Wind and Para-Surfing near Fort Meyers Beach Sanibel Island Lighthouse Captiva Island Post Office

FtMeyersBeachFireDept_7221.JPG (78022 bytes)  CaptivaIslandHouse_6996.JPG (99913 bytes)  RedCoconutRVFtMeyersBeach_7229.JPG (53256 bytes)
Fort Meyers Beach Fire Department Large New Construction on Captiva Island Red Coconut RV Park on the Gulf

PatSunsetFMB_7225.JPG (77216 bytes)  PatFtMeyersBeach_7238.JPG (75871 bytes)
Patrick on the Beach at Fort Meyers Beach

EgretEatingFortMeyersBeach_7311.JPG (213503 bytes)
Egret on the Beach at Sanibel


Darling National Wildlife Refuge

DarlingRefugeCoon_6683.JPG (98974 bytes)  DarlingRefugeReddishEgret_6906.JPG (141974 bytes)  DarlingRefugeTree_6985.JPG (92656 bytes)
Raccoon Reddish Egret Trees

DarlingRefugeSlime_6885.JPG (176979 bytes)  DarlingRefugeRoseateSpoonbills_6720.JPG (28756 bytes)  DarlingRefugeReddishEgret_6690.JPG (137544 bytes)
Slime Roseate Spoonbill Reddish Egret

DarlingRefugePelican_6697.JPG (134258 bytes)  DarlingRefugeGreyHeron_6717.JPG (129461 bytes)  DarlingRefugeGreyHeron_6701.JPG (129708 bytes)
Pelican Blue Heron Blue Heron

DarlingRefugeGoldenrod_6874.JPG (99506 bytes)  DarlingRefugeFish_6846.JPG (121414 bytes)  DarlingRefugeCoon_6764.JPG (129288 bytes)
Goldenrod Fish Raccoon

WoodStork_6942.JPG (187424 bytes)  CoconutPalm_6968.JPG (131001 bytes)  WoodStork_6943.JPG (193041 bytes)
Wood Stork Coconut Palms Wood Stork


Corkscrew Swamp

TurkeyBuzzard_7108.JPG (189339 bytes)  RedShoulderHawk_7118.JPG (184183 bytes)  CorkscrewSwamp_7131.JPG (59020 bytes)
Turkey Buzzard Red Shouldered Hawk Flowers

CorkscrewSwampFlowers_7151.JPG (94418 bytes)  RedShoulderHawk_7118.JPG (184183 bytes)  CorkscrewSwampNightFragantOrchid_7191.JPG (40162 bytes)
Flowers Red Shouldered Hawk Moonflower

CorkscrewSwamp_7177.JPG (63477 bytes)  CorkscrewSwampFlowers_7151.JPG (94418 bytes)  CorkscrewSwampSludge_7146.JPG (64313 bytes)
Flowers Flowers Swamp

RedMaple_7132.JPG (181286 bytes)  Crock_7164.JPG (132124 bytes)  Anole_7202.JPG (87382 bytes)
Red Leaf Maple Crocodile Anole

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