Florida Photos 2
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Florida has the Gulf of Mexico, the Keys, the Atlantic Ocean and the Everglades.  They like me so everything is right with the world.

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Florida Keys

PigeonKey_7459.JPG (71936 bytes)  HomesDeerKey_7802.JPG (95171 bytes)  KeyBlimp_7800.JPG (51297 bytes)

Molasses Key Homes Near Deer Key I.N.S. Surveillance Blimp

PatBocoChicoNAS_7763.JPG (241859 bytes)  PatBocoChicoNAS_7773.JPG (259065 bytes)

Patrick at the Key West Naval Air Station


Key West

SouthernMostHouse_7624.JPG (161811 bytes)  DogBike_7731.JPG (176872 bytes)  KeysSouthernmostPoint_7617.JPG (132909 bytes)
Southernmost House Bike with Dogs Front and Rear Southernmost Point in Continental US

KeysSouthernMostPoint_7622.JPG (154539 bytes) 

Patrick Visits the Southernmost Point in Continental US


Hemingway House

HemingwayHouse_7634.JPG (196245 bytes)
Hemingway House in Key West

HemingwayHouse_7635.JPG (160746 bytes)  HemingwayHouse_7676.JPG (168676 bytes) HemingwayHouse_7651.JPG (138581 bytes)
Front of Home Rear West Side

HemingwayHouse_7703.JPG (207883 bytes)  HemingwayHouse_7639.JPG (118697 bytes)  HemingwayHouse_7646.JPG (100925 bytes)    

East Side Parlor Kitchen

HemingwayHouse_7683.JPG (96412 bytes)  HemingwayHouse_7640.JPG (125130 bytes)  HemingwayHouse_7678.JPG (136675 bytes)  HemingwayHouse_7669.JPG (107583 bytes)

Stained Glass Window Oil Painting of Hemingway's Cats Current Hemingway Cats

HemingwayHouse_7677.JPG (142737 bytes)  HemingwayHouse_7685.JPG (129607 bytes)  HemingwayHouse_7688.JPG (201598 bytes)  HemingwayHouse_7691.JPG (102622 bytes)

Cat Cat House Replica of Hemingway's House Swimming Pool Elephant


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