Iowa Photos
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Iowa has Winnebago, John Deere and the Field of Dreams.  They also grow lot's of corn and soy beans.

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Field of Dreams 

Iowa - Field of Dreams

Look at Those Reflections  Forest City Is Home of the Winnebago Motorhome  Forest City, Iowa

Reflecting Near Forest City Winnebago Makes Motorhomes Winnebago Courthouse

An OLD Motorhome (1967)  Oh My, What Language!!

Early Winnebago Motorhome Quote From the Founder of Winnebago

I Remember This House From the Movie  I Like to Bark at the Kids  It Really Is in the Middle of a Corn Field

Am I In Heaven or Iowa? Kids Playing Ball The Real Field of Dreams

One of 33 Basilica's in the U.S.  What A Beautiful Church

St. Francis Xavier Inside of Basilica

I Like Wright Homes  Wright Design All the Furniture as Well as the House  I Like To Play in the Grass

Cedar Rock Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright Patrick Plays At Entry Gate to Cedar Rock

46 Acre Assembly Building Is Behind This Sign   This One Is Made of Wood  Ready to Roll

Tractor Assembly Plant Model 8400 in Plant Lobby Tractors for Delivery

A Little Bitty House  Hoover's Father Owned This Shop  Hoover Is Buried Overlooking His Birthplace

Herbert Hoover's Birthplace Jesse Hoover's Blacksmith Shop Hoover's Gravesite

DavenportIA_2485.JPG (104661 bytes)  MachineShedDavenportIA_2740.JPG (104236 bytes)  Oliver66RowCrop_2750.JPG (125179 bytes)
Iowa Machine Shed Restaurant Davenport Iowa Machine Shed Oliver 66 Row Crop Tractor - Left

Iowa80_2711.JPG (72859 bytes)  Iowa80_2735.JPG (108654 bytes)  Iowa80Truck_2716.JPG (117136 bytes)  Iowa80LightDisplay_2720.JPG (118252 bytes)
One BIG Truckstop, including a Dentist, Barber, Public Laundry, Restaurants, Gift Shops, Clothes, DVD's, Truck Service and Parts and THREE Semi Tractors and one 40' Trailer

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