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  I  try not to get too upset when they leave me out of a travel photo since they do have a separate section for photos of me.  Did you know that Illinois is the home of Superman?

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I'm in Illinois
Welcome to southern Illinois

Look at those barnsSupermanIt is good to have a big man nearby
Illinois Farm Metropolis, Illinois Look at the Size of Superman

John Deere's New Painting Facility  John Deere Harvester Plant

Parts Headed for Robot Painting Completed John Deere Harvester

The famous Chicago Skyline  That's One Tall Building  Congress Plaza

The Windy City Look A Building With Horns Does That Indian Know There Is a Bird On His Head?

Michigan Ave in Chicago  One of the Few Building Standing After the Great Chicago Fire

A Shoppers Delight Chicago Water Tower

Traveling Route 66 through Illinois  Dixie Truckers Home

Labor Day in Atlanta A Route 66 Tradition for Over 50 Years

Dogs Make Good WebMasters  Angus is My Buddy

Angus Learning to Program Resting After The Lesson

I Love The Puppy But I Don't Understand the Ears  I Like It When Friends Come to Visit and Bring Me Playmates  He's Big Enough to Play and Not Old and Grumpy

Angus and Adam He Is BIG for a 4 Month Old Angus and I Playing

On January 4, 2002, my dear friend Angus died from apparent heart failure.  He was less than 9 months old.  I do so miss him.

Pretty Sunset  Homemade Houseboat  Cute Name

Sunset on Lake Shelbyville Floating RV Nice '52 Chris Craft

Virgin Mary on Route 66  Home of the Aristocrat Restuarant  Business Left when I-55 was Built

Lady of the Highway Still Proud Of Route 66 Victim of 66's Demise

ILSignatMoline_2772.JPG (177098 bytes)
Entering Illinois near Moline

JohnDeereCollectorCtrMolineIL_2523.JPG (135794 bytes)  1ofaKindHiTracJD_2534.JPG (108416 bytes)  MD_JD_2565.JPG (103937 bytes)

John Deere Collector Center, Moline One of a Kind Ultra Hi-Trac John Deere Model A John Deere with Steel Wheels

JDModelA_2579.JPG (91424 bytes)  JDPavilion_2680.JPG (73907 bytes)  JD8430_211k_2667.JPG (100124 bytes)
Rubber Tired Model A John Deere Pavilion $211,000 8430 Tractor

CottonPicker_2648.JPG (113468 bytes)  CottonPickerControls_2623.JPG (89508 bytes)
4 Row Cotton Picker Some of the Cotton Pickers Operating Controls

JD6430_2649.JPG (113312 bytes)  ControlsJD6430_75k_2654.JPG (72834 bytes)
$75,000 6430 Tractor Operating Controls for the 6430

DevonandPatrick_3574.JPG (123124 bytes)  DevonsBaby_3490.JPG (83129 bytes)  Shamus_3519.JPG (109426 bytes)

Devon and I in Decatur Devon's 6 day old baby Shamus


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