Kentucky Photos
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Traveling with Michael and Georgia through Kentucky gives me a broader perspective of life.   I  try not to get too upset when they leave me out of a travel photo since they do have a separate section for photos of me.

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Entering Kentucky south of Bowling Green
Welcome to Kentucky

Bowling Green

Bowling Green Is Proud of Its Vette  This is a weird Vette  Corvette Lovers Paradise

Bowling Green Is Vette Country

I Visit the Corvette Museum

National Corvette Museum 

Since I Don't Have A Vette, I Can't Park Here  Don't Believe The License, This Is A Texas Car  The Only Year for the Split Rear Window

Parking for Corvettes Only Nice License (Pure-KY) '63 Sting Ray Only Year for the Split Rear Window

I Didn't Know That There Were No 1983 Vettes  Boy Can This Puppy Run  I Would Look Good In This

The Only 1983 Vette In Existence 265 mph Callaway Corvette The New Vette


Lot's Of Vettes Go Through These Doors  Don't Even Think Of Parking a Yugo Here  I Like Cheap Gas
Bowling Green Has Made All Corvettes Since June, 1981 GM Takes Corvette Ownership Seriously Gas Is Cheaper Here Than Most Places


Too Late for the Kentucky Derby  127 Years Is A Long Time  Famous Steeples

Did I Miss the Kentucky Derby? 127 Years of the Kentucky Derby World Famous Steeples
The Horses Get Ready to Race Here  Dreams of a Pony
Paddock at Churchill Downs Guess What I Want To Be When I Grow Up!

Thats One Big Bat  I Like Baseball As Much As the Next Wolfhound  Bat History

Largest Baseball Bat In the World I Visit the Louisville Slugger Museum Slugger Museum Interior


I Like These Folks, They Welcome Me In  This Guy Is Impressive  A Real Tack Shop
My Visit to the Kentucky Horse Park Me and Man o' War, two of the best More saddle jokes in front of a Tack Shop

These Two Work Well Together  Nice Performance

Two Friesians Friesian Takes a Bow

This Is A Big Place  I Am Adorable  A Lovable Little Tike

Kentucky Horse Park 10 Weeks Old I'm Going to be Big Some Day

Stand For The Flag Please  Look At This Boy Run

Opening Ceremonies Arabian

This Guy Made A Lot of Money  A Retired Gentleman  Didn't the Beatles Name A Song After Him?

Cigar - Winnings of $9.999 Million John Henry - Winnings of $1.667 million Sgt. Pepper - Winnings of $1 million

I Think I Prefer My Van  A Legend  Lexington City Park

Add Air Conditioning and I Might Try Riding In It Man o' War, the Greatest Race Horse Ever Thoroughbred Park, near Downtown Lexington

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