Michigan Trucks
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Every state I visit has lots of trucks.  Michigan is no exception.  What is exceptional is the number of wheels under all of the trucks not governed by interstate commerce regulations.    Rarely do you see a truck that has room under it for any more wheels.  Some of the trucks have wheels under the middle of the truck that turn from side to side with the front wheels.  Others have wheels that can be raised when traveling empty or when turning.  Michigan must be a truck tire dealers paradise.

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34 Wheeler  This Baby Has 34 Wheels

34 Wheels Under This Baby  Even This Gasoline Truck Has 34 Wheels

Wow 38 Wheels  Their Cement Trucks are Built Backwards

This Log Hauler Has 38 Wheels Even the Cement Trucks Have Lot's of Wheels

Even Small Dump Trucks Have Extra Wheels  This Dump has 44 Wheels

This Dump Truck has 24 Wheels This Double Trailer Dump has 42 Wheels Down

Matt drives this little puppy, I bet that is FUN!
6 Axles under this Cement Truck-Photo by Matt H. (See his website)

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