Newell Plant
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Since we now have a Newell Coach, I decided it would be appropriate for them to be properly introduced to me.  We traveled to Miami, Oklahoma to have our coach serviced and some maintenance and upgrades done by the same folks that built it.

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Newell Coach

Miami, Oklahoma   Newell Plant  Newell Way
Welcome to Miami, OK, Home of Newell Coach The Newell Plant on Historic Route 66 Entering Newelland

Newell-Office  Camp Newell  Old and New Being Maintained
Offices at Newell Coach Camp Newell New and Classic

Newell Being Skinned  Newell Suspension Setup during Production  New Newel lSkinning
Newell Getting Baggage Compartment Doors Installed Final Suspension Setup During the Production Process Newell Skin Being Installed

NewNewelFinalPrep_8718.jpg (95820 bytes)  2007 Newell Front  2007 Newell Rear
Newell Getting It's Final Checkout A Completed Newell - Front A Completed Newell - Rear

Newell Service  Newell-MD  P2000i Instrument Panel

Newell Offers a Terrific Service Department Newell is Proud of Their Owners New Digital Instrument Panel

  MyNewellAlignment_8716.jpg (92005 bytes)  NewellMotoSat_8608.jpg (87995 bytes)  Classic Newell
 Getting A Three Axle Alignment DataStorm on Our Newell at the Newell Service Center Campground Classic Newell in for Service at the Factory

Return to the Newell Plant - August 2008

NewellOffices_4446.JPG (98024 bytes)  NewellChassisManuf_4496.JPG (39949 bytes)  NewellChassis_4447.JPG (106810 bytes)
Offices at Newell Chassis Manufacturing Building Chassis Under Construction

NewellChassisNoSkin_4448.JPG (101730 bytes)  NewellBuildingSlides_4450.JPG (103823 bytes)  NewellWithSkin_4455.JPG (108690 bytes)  NewellInsulation_4452.JPG (83575 bytes)
Constructing Slides Newell Before Skinning Newell After Skinning Interior Insulation

NewellCabinetShop_4456.JPG (99815 bytes)  NewellWiring_4458.JPG (83561 bytes)  NewellTestingLights_4462.JPG (82793 bytes)

Cabinet Shop Skinned Newell with Wiring Installed Testing Lights on Newell

  NewellUpholsteryShop_4463.JPG (89956 bytes)  NewellPaintBooth_4499.JPG (59280 bytes)  NewellPaintBooth_4465.JPG (78045 bytes)

Newell's Upholstery Shop Newell Paint Booth New Coach in Paint Booth

Newell Phantom Slides

NewellSlidesIn_4466-1.jpg (89878 bytes)  NewellSlideAirGapBladderDeflated_4472.JPG (57824 bytes)  NewellSlideExtending_4475.JPG (99702 bytes)  NewellSlidesExtended_4480.JPG (104490 bytes)

Quad Slides In Air Gap as Air Bladder Deflates Slide Extending Floor Raises for True Flat Floor


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