New Mexico
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As we travel, Michael and Georgia have promised that they will take photos to prove where I have been.   I hope to become the most widely traveled Irish Wolfhound in the United States.   I think that travel gives a dog a broader perspective of life.   Don't you agree?   I will try not to get too upset when they leave me out of a photo (Yep, got into the very first one).

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Entering New MexicoWestern New Mexico
My first visit to New Mexico  Western New Mexico

Terbush GalleryChapelSt. Francis Assisi
Dale TerBush Gallery Chapel in Santa Fe Cathedral St. Francis of Assisi

Los AlamosPretty CanyonsCanyons
Los Alamos Canada Del Buey Canyons near White Rock

My Rainbow
Look at my rainbow

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta 2000

Me and the balloonsFilling the balloons with hot air
All these balloons launched just for me Firing up the burners

Look at the weird shapesAren't these colorful?Central Missouri University
Lots of interesting shaped balloons Lots of colorful balloons Even Central Missouri University was there

Panda Balloon Smokie the Bear

Near Las CrusesWind and Rain have carved Neat Canyons near Casa Blanca

Monument to the Roadrunner Canyon near Casa Blanca

Look at the Pretty Red Rocks  Spooky Alien Things  Museum and Research Center
Red Rock Formations Near Prewitt Aliens May Have Crashed Here in 1947 Roswell's UFO Museum

I Like Horse Races That Sand Is HOT
I Like Watching the Horses At Ruidoso Downs Beginning of the Sand Dunes at White Sands Monument

Butterfield Stage Station 1858  These Fellows Bite  Construction Began in 1860
La Posta in Mesilla A Real Live Red Piranha The Oldest Brick Building in New Mexico

Pretty Old Church

San Albine Catholic Church in Mesilla

Basilica St Francis Assisi  Chapel La Conquistadora  Loretto Chapel  Loretto Chapel Stairway

Basilica of St Francis of Assisi Chapel of La Conquistadora Loretto Chapel Stairway in Loretto Chapel

Bradbury  Gadget  Los Alamos Fall

Los Alamos Bradbury Science Museum Replica of the 'Gadget' Detonated at Trinity Site Fall in Los Alamos

East of LosAlamos

Mountains East of Los Alamos

VLA sign  VLA  VLA

Very Large Array - National Radio Academy Observatory 82 Foot Diameter Dish at VLA Another of the 27 Dishes

VLA  VLA  Don and Michael at the VLA
Very Large Array - Southwest Arm of Dishes Railroad Tracks Used to Move the 27 Dishes Don and Michael in Front of Another of the 27 Dishes

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