Newport Dunes
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We have traveled from Florida to California and from Washington to Ohio but one of our favorite places is the Newport Dunes RV Resort in Newport Beach, CA.  The weather is great and the staff is wonderful (and of course they all know me).  We have stayed in some campgrounds that called themselves "resorts" that were a joke.  The greatest thing about the Dunes is THEY LOVE ME HERE!  They even built me a big dog run (well, it really isn't just for me but I like to think so).  They have lots of activities, a beautiful lagoon, clubhouse, pool, spa, and did I mention a DOG RUN.


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Newport Dunes RV Resort

Newport Dunes RV Resort
Newport Dunes RV Resort

Laying In the Grass 
My 1st visit to Dunes - 4 1/2 months old

December in Newport Beach
Next Door neighbor at Newport Dunes My Second Visit to the  Dunes

Woody on the Beach
Woody Wagon on the Beach Snow Covered Mountains Looking North across the Lagoon

What a View !!  Our Airstream  This Is Soft and Cool
Overlooking the Dunes View of the Lagoon Ice Plant at the Dunes

Newport Dunes  Pretty Rainbow  Great Heron

Enjoying a California Afternoon Rainbow over Newport Beach Heron at the Dunes

I Know A Rainbow When I See One  Lights on the Lagoon  I like Christmas Lights
Rainbow at the Dunes Christmas Lights at the Dunes Boats at the Newport Dunes Marina Prepare for the Parade

You Can Rent Sailboats and Paddleboats  Every Spring The Dunes Hosts an In-Water Boat Show  RV's From All Over The United States and Canada Visit

Boats on the Lagoon Annual In Water Boat Show The Dunes from Coast Hwy

Things Have Changed

Aerial Photo of Fashion Island and the Newport Dunes Displayed in the Lobby

They LOVE Me Here  Oh Happy Day, More Room to Run and Play  Great Place To Visit

Visiting the Office My New Dog Run's Here!  Life Is Good At the Dunes

Lagoon Is Looking Good  I'm Free  I Even Have Shade Trees
I Have a Great View From My Run I Love Not Having A Leash These Lucky Campers Get To See Me Playing

Sitting Near the Dock of the Bay  Boats For Rent  Little Houses For Rent
Ducks Enjoying a March Day Boats For Rent Bayside Cottages For Rent

They Made It Smaller - What's Up With That?  More Cottages Have Been Added  Pretty, But I Did NOT Like the Noise!!

They Moved My Dog Run Closer to the Beach More Cottages 4th of July Fireworks at the Dunes

 30 sec Movie of the July 4th Fireworks Finale at the Newport Dunes
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More People to Play With Me    The Dunes Prepares for the Annual Boat Show
Lot's of Folks Enjoying the Beautiful Weather Fall and the Trees are in Bloom Getting Ready for the Boat Show

Fireworks Make TOO MUCH NOISE  3 DataStorm Dishes out of 7 RV's  DunesFisheye_7082.jpg (137126 bytes)
4th of July Fireworks at the Dunes Lot's of MotoSat DataStorm Dishes at the Dunes The Dunes Through a Fisheye Lens

Nice Tree  BabyDucksDunes_7899.jpg (61216 bytes)

Trees Blooming in May Baby Ducks at the Dunes

Sunset at the Dunes  Great Blue Heron  Pelican300_0110.JPG (34975 bytes)
Sunset Behind the Gazebo Great Blue Heron in the Lagoon Pelican over the Lagoon at the Newport Dunes

DunesNight0910.JPG (77243 bytes)  DunesSunset300_0143.JPG (37004 bytes)  Pelican300_0108.JPG (83882 bytes)
Dunes at Night Dunes at Sunset Pelican on the Lagoon

Lagoon300_0888.JPG (78658 bytes)  30010445.JPG (76453 bytes)    30010454.JPG (75694 bytes)
Lagoon at the Dunes

30010447.JPG (40804 bytes)  30010457.JPG (70325 bytes)

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