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It is cooler in the summer in Ohio than in Texas.  There are lot's of things to see.  I  try not to get too upset when they leave me out of a travel photo since they do have a separate section for photos of me.

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I'm A Little Buckeye   

Welcome to Ohio

Visiting the Airstream Plant  Our Airstream Was Built Here  Making Bodies for the Silver Twinkees

Airstreams and Irish Wolfhounds; American Legends Airstream Plant in Jackson Center Building the Classic Airstream Trailers

Click For More Photos of the Airstream Factory Tour , will open in a new window

This guy Is Dragging 1300 pounds  These Folks Get Serious About There Garden Tractors

12 HP Garden Tractor Pull in Fletcher, Ohio 16 HP Garden Tractor Pull

Air Force Museum

Worthwhile Visiting  Mean Looking  Norton Bomb Sight

US Air Force Museum Flying Tiger Bombardier Using Norton Sight

Michael's Favorite Bomber  This Is A Fast Puppy  Stealth Fighter Used in Operation Desert Storm
B-58 Bomber SR-71 Blackbird F-117A

Dropped the Big One On Nagasaki  Bombardiers Station  THE Atomic Bomb
BOCKSCAR, the B-29 which dropped the Atomic Bomb on Nagasaki ending World War II Bombardier's Station in BOCKSCAR Fat Man - Bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Truman Named His Plane For His Hometown in Missouri  Mamie Eisenhower named this Plane  First Plane to Carry the Presidential Blue and White Paint Scheme
Harry Truman's Plane Dwight Eisenhower's Constellation Aero Commander Used by Eisenhower

Jetstar Used to Get Into Smaller Airports  Kennedy's Air Force One
Jetstar Used by Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan Air Force One (SAM 26000), Carried John Kennedy to Dallas, Lyndon Johnson sworn in aboard this plane

My Visit to A Famous Cafe  Capitalizing on M.A.S.H.  Jamie Farr Really Is From Toledo

Tony Packos's Cafe in Toledo Corp. Klinger Made Them World Famous M.A.S.H. Cast Eating Tony Packos Sausage Dogs

Toledo Ohio
Lucas County Courthouse

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