My Baby Photos
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Michael and Georgia took these photos and they never do me justice.  I am so adorable that it is hard for them to show my true character.  Since I grow very quickly, there are many photos of me as I mature.  Click on the links above to see photos of me as I mature.

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New Born to 3 Months

Georgia holding me at one weekPaddy at 20 days old
 I am only one week old  Playing with my brother
(20 days old)

Michael holding me at one monthMe and my sister
I'm one month old Me and my sister at 6 Weeks

6 Weeks oldMe and my brother almost 8 weeks oldNearly 8 weeks old
6 weeks old and getting sleepy We are almost 8 weeks old I love being held

Kisses from 8 week old Paddy9 Weeks OldTwo Blondes
I'm always first to welcome Michael 9 Weeks old, nearly ready to go home with Michael Look!   Mom's hair is 
the same color as mine

I love the kitchen rugGood place to sitAt the vet
Kitchen Rugs are great places My first trip to the vet
10 weeks and 19 pounds

Visiting MelissaLook at my toys13 weeks old
My first trip to Houston (12 weeks old) 13 Weeks old and 27 pounds


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