15-18 Months
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As you can plainly see, I am maturing very nicely, thank you very much.  I am so adorable that even I forget that I am growing up.  They say as you mature, you should put aside childlike (or puppylike in my case) ways.  I say "Poppycock".  Since I have grown very quickly, there are many photos of me.  Click on the links above to see photos of me from newborn to current.

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15 - 18 Months

My visit to the Old Red Courthouse in Dallas
The Old Red Courthouse in Dallas, TX

SparkyMy Friend Griffin
Sparky  Griffin 

I have the larger mouthI will humor the little guyGriffin Loves To Play
Griffin and I compare mouth size  Sometimes Griffin Is On Top Sometimes I Am On Top

16 Months OldAstaResting after visiting the St. Louis Arch
 16 Months Old My Little Friend Asta On the Road Again in Missouri

I like lakes, as long as I don't have to get wet  One Must Rest Between Sightseeing Adventures
Enjoying the weather at Lake Rend, IL  Enjoying My Puppy Condo in Kentucky

Attending a horse race at Churchill Downs  This Is A Nice Horse

Visiting Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky Visiting With An Arabian At the Kentucky Horse Park


Georgia and I Resting At Notre Dame  I Deserve A Duesy
Enjoying the Scenery At Notre Dame University I Would Like To Ride In A Duesy

Big Dog Dad  I Like Water From A Distance  One Intent Puppy

I Humor Him By Letting Him Think He's The Boss Visiting Lake Erie I Take Resting Very Seriously 

I'm Waiting For You To Come To Bed Folks  This Water Didn't Try to Chase Me  This Water Tries To Chase You
I'm Not On The Bed, My Hind Feet Are On The Floor Watching the Ships from Ontario, Canada Whitefish Point on Lake Superior

  Nice View of the Falls  I Like Lighthouses  
Enjoying Tahquamenon Falls Manistique Lighthouse

 I am Watching a Jet Ski
More Photos of the Focused Irishman


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