18-24 Months
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I am so adorable that even I forget that I am growing up.  Click on the link in this sentence to see photos of me from newborn to 3 months of age, or from 3-4 months of age, 4-6 months, 6-8 months, 8-11 months, 11-15 months, 15-18 months, 24-36 months or 36+ months.

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18-24 Months

Gimme Food  Here's Looking At You  I Like to Bark at Baseball Games
I Always Respond to Food  Iowa Pup Visiting Field of Dreams

I Love Playing with Little Danes  Is He Practicing to be a Bull?  Angus Is A Wonderful Playmate

Meet Angus He's Big for a 4 Month Old I'll Let Him Rest His Chin

Couch's Are Good  Serious Sleeping Going On Here  And You Thought I Was Scared Of Water
Being A Coach Potato Isn't Too Bad Angus Wears Me Out Look How Far I Got Into the Water To Play

See, I Can Get Into the Water  I Like Camping In The Woods  Another State, Another Chance To Stretch My Legs
Canine Swimming Beach at Shawnee Mission, KS Camping in Burns Park, AR Georgia Brought Me to Louisiana

Sand Is My Version of Camouflage  Looking Goofy  Concrete Is Cool
I Almost Match Beach Sand When I Play My Ears Go Up Resting Near the Pool 

Outside of Glendale Nevada  Playing in the snow in Salt Lake City

Stopping to Stretch My Legs in Nevada I Love Playing in the Snow

Click Here for a 9 second video of me playing in the snow

Looking Good After a bath  It gets windy near the ocean  Admiring the Lagoon
Don't I Look Good After a Bath Windy Day in California This Bow Has To Go

Out for a winter stroll  I Do Look Good Don't I  Rainbows Are Cool
Adorable Me Looking Good  Admiring the Rainbow

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