4-6 Months
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I am getting so big that it is hard to believe that I was small just a few weeks ago.  Since I know that you would miss my adorable baby photos, you can click on the links above to see me from newborn to current.

Click on any photo to see a larger version

Patrick 4 - 6 Months Old

4 Months old and 23 inches tallWhere did the bird go?
4 Months old, 46 pounds 23 inches Where did that pesky bird go?

Grass in the desertBeing outside is OK for a while
Look, grass in the desert Oh boy, I like to play outside

These palms are bigger than in the desertPalm trees are good to eat
I like palm trees Palm trees have fun things to eat

Am I good or whatI like Southern California
18 weeks old and 49 pounds Southern California grass is good

Pacific OceanBlade
You have to watch the Pacific Ocean, it runs up to you Blade the Doberman at Huntington Beach Dog Beach

Look at all the Irish Wolfhounds
Look!! Four big
Irish Wolfhounds
A Beagle is a good play mate for a 4 1/2 month old Irish

The lawn at the Newport Dunes63 pounds and 4 1/2 months old
Great grass near the beach at the Newport Dunes RV Resort In Oregon, weighing in at 63 pounds and 25 inches tall

22 Weeks Old23 weeks 75 pounds
At 23 weeks, I weighed 75 pounds and stood 27 inches at the shoulder

Oh boy, SNOW
I got to play in the snow in July at Mount Rainier

AdorableHard to be humbleI like playing with Dolly
I am sooo sweet And sooo elegant for an 80 pound baby Playing with Dolly on the beach at Newport, OR

Sequim BayMom's getting shorter
What is this totem
pole thing?
Almost 6 months old


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