2-3 Years Old
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I am so adorable that even I forget that I am growing up.  Click on the links above to see me as I have grown from a tiny puppy to a mature adult.

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24-36 Months

I LOVE Birthday Cake   My Little Buddy Shiloh

Birthday Cake for My Second Birthday Shiloh Came to My Party with Steve

Looking Very Woofie   Happy in the Van

Am I Comfortable Or What? I Love My Van

Out for A St. Patrick's Day Stroll  I Like Andy (and Jason)  She Is Going to be a Great Playmate
I Love The Wearing of the Green on St. Patrick's Day Nose to Nose with My Buddy Andy 13 Week Old Sophie Already Weighs 40 Pounds

Sophie hugging Jim  I'm 2 and a half years old  Nice View From Up Here
Jim and Sophie the Newfoundland 30 Months Old I Like Water From A Distance

Pretty Water But It Is Still Cold  Feeling Very Small  Boy Am I Ever Bored
The Pacific Ocean Looks Good From Here Sometimes I Am Pitiful Other Times I Am Just Bored 

When Are You Going To Feed Me  I Like Donna These Nice Girls are From Tenderland Farms Too

Waiting Patiently(?) For Dinner Visiting with Donna Robinson and Tenderland Farms Cal-E and Gigi

  We Are So Adorable At One Week Old  We Are Even Better At Five Weeks  I Like Little Dogs
These Little Guys Are One Week Old At Five Weeks We Start Looking More Like Wolfhounds Sparky (the Pug) and I playing in Ron's Kitchen

Wolfie's Have To Get Their Beauty Rests  Surf Is Up South of Point Mugu  Guarding the Pacific Coast
Dog Nap Travelin' Pacific Coast Highway Good Vantage Point

This is a Cute Little Fellow  Little Bennett checking out My Friend Blade  Life Is Tough For the Woofie
This is Little Bennett Bennett Has Taken Up Residence With My Friend Blade I Get Tired After a Bath

Lot's of Room To Run  Running Like the Wind  Intense Interest In The Yachts
I Love To Run Catch Me If You Can The Irish Stance

  What A Lovely Fellow I Am  I Like the Marina  Only a Few Days Before I Turn the Big 3

Almost 3 years Old I Like The View From Here I Want Good Stuff For My Birthday!

Stupid Lights Bother My Sleep  Where Georgia Goes, There Go I  Racing Like The Wind

Even If They Won't Turn Off the Lights, I Will Find A Way to Sleep Making Sure Georgia Doesn't Need Any Help Look At Me Run

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