3-5 Years Old
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Officially, I am now an adult.  Now that I am an adult I don't see any reason that I should not still act like a puppy.  I think too much is made of growing up.  I am larger but I see no reason to grow up.  Since I know that you would miss my adorable baby photos, you can click on the links above to see me as I mature.

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Patrick 3 Years Old

It is great to have a Birthday  Running Can Wear You Out
The Weather Is Great For A Birthday Boy Resting After A Good Hard Run

Looking At The Back Bay  Resting Is Good After Playing  This Is Dog Heaven
After A Grooming My Friend Shilo Face Fighting Is Good

Hi Big Guy  Look At Those Tongues  Me and My Buddy
Shilo Wants To Play Ball Look At the Tongues We Are Both Happy

Nice Weather and a Good Bone, What More Could You Want  Guarding the Doorway

Enjoying a Good Bone

So Elegant

I Need My Beauty Rest  I'm Not Asleep, I'm Waiting for Dinner  I Am Waiting But Not Patiently

Patrick Gets His Beauty Rest

Keeping An Eye On Things

OK Stow the Satellite Dish and Let's Get Going

Patrick 4 Years Old

Happy 4 Year Old  My Favorite Eating Establishment  They Just LOVE Me
I'm 4 Years Old Today A Birthday Isn't Complete without 3 Dog Bakery Going To The Office

Great Weather in March  Ain't I Great!!  VERY Interesting!!
Michael and me at the Dunes I'm One Elegant Wolfhound Watching the Boats

Sleeping In On The Weekend Is One of Lifes Joys  Here's Looking At You Babe  Laying In The Kitchen Is Your Signal To Feed Me

After Getting Everyone Up to Feed Me, I Go Back to Sleep I Am One Special Pup Eagerly Awaiting Dinner

I Like What I See

Enjoying A Nice Fall Day


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