6-8 Months
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I am getting so big that it is hard to believe that I was small not long ago.  Since I know that you would miss my adorable baby photos, you can click on the links above to see me from newborn to current.

Click on any photo to see a larger version

Patrick 6 - 8 Months Old

Boy do I like to run6 months old
6 month old's love to run I love my Airstream

I like sand better for my beachesWhy make me poseThere are sticks on the beach to play with
I like the beach Michael wants me to pose Sticks on the beach are fun

A bridge I can bark fromThis is a good distance from the Pacific Ocean
Notice that I'm getting taller The Pacific Ocean has sand on the beach but watch out for the water

Portrait of a 6 month old
photo courtesy of Nick Carter, Long Beach, WA
Good work Nick

Watching the little dogs go byWhen I can play I am happyAfter I play I am bored
28 Weeks old, sometimes I am happy and other times I am bored, bored, bored

I don't like hail until it stops
When hail stops, it tastes like ice
Michael and IWalks are good, posing is not
Look how big I am getting I let Georgia take me for walks

That's a big lakeHigh Desert Pup
I am almost 7 months old and weigh 95 pounds

I let Georgia take me to the TetonsI like snowI may be the next President
I made it to Grand Tetons I love snow at Yellowstone Me with 4 Presidents

Big enough to be at the top of ColoradoAlmost 8 monthsI like to get in Michael's lap
This must be near the top of the world I like rainbows but not the storms I'm just a big lap dog

Getting my kicks on Route 66
On my 8 month Birthday I got a Corvette
(just kidding)

This is a bummerIt is hard to get comfortable with this stupid splintDoes this look like the face of a happy dog?
Don't you feel sorry for me?  I was trotting along and bam, the bone in my foot fractured

Southern California Irish Wolfhound Fanciers Association Picnic

A BIG Irish WolfhoundThese guys look like me only bigger
Twix is bored A big Wolfhound Wheaten Irish Wolfhounds

More Irish WolfhoundsThis guy is nice and fuzzyAnother Paddy
More Irish Wolfhounds Look at the coat on this boy Another Irish named Paddy

Hounds on the runChasing the lure
Practice Lure Course Full speed About to catch the lure?

Georgia and I watching the Lure Course


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