8-11 Months
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I am getting so big that it is hard to believe that I was small not long ago.  Since I know that you would miss my adorable baby photos, you can click on the links above to see me from newborn to current.

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Patrick 8-11 Months Old

I broke my footStaying off the bed
At 8 months and 104 pounds,
I broke my foot
I can't sleep on the bed but I get on it (a little bit)

Look Mom No SplintCouch Potato
Look, no splint after 5 weeks 9 months, 108 pounds, a
couch and me

These little guys are my brothersLook at all these fellowsKissy Babies
These little guys are my brothers and sisters Look at all these kids 9 Weeks old and we love to kiss Georgia

Donna and PatrickLet me play with those
Donna is rightfully proud of me

Please give me those keys to play with

I'm a happy boy10 Months Old

A happy 10 Month Old

10 months and 110.5 pounds

My noisy Christmas presentCosta Mesa Bark ParkMe and the Scottish Deerhound
My Christmas Moose Friends at the Bark Park There is a Scottish Deerhound Here Somewhere

It is nice in Southern California in the winterJust let them try to read
I like all these warm winter days I meet lots of people at the park

Lots of dogs to play withI am such an adorable 11 Month old
This is a good play mate I am so adorable at 11 Months
Boy do I like playing chaseI love kids
I love playing chase Kids can be fun


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