7 Years Old
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Officially, I am now a senior citizen in the eyes of others.  However, you are only as old as you feel (well I do feel older) and as old as you act (I can still play like a puppy, I just run out of steam faster than I used to).  Since I know that you would miss my adorable baby photos, you can click on the links above to see me as I mature.

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Patrick 7 Years Old

7 Years Old
Look At Me, I'm 7

DevonandPatrick_3574.JPG (123124 bytes)   Patrick Opelousas
Devon and me in Decatur, IL Michael Thought This was Funny, I Didn't

Pat Meets Grant  Amanda and Patrick

I Meet Grant

Say Hi to Amanda

PatatTenderland_5414.JPG (71931 bytes)  Patrick and Sparky

Visiting Tenderland Farms

Sparky and Me at Rest

Watch Me Run  Patrick Golden CO  Play with Holly
I Can Still Run Like the Wind I Love To Really Run When It Is Cool Playing with Holly is FUN!!

HollyTreesSquirrel_6094.JPG (90071 bytes)  HollyFindsAnotherSquirrel_6165.JPG (106816 bytes)  Patrick September 2007 Golden, Colorado
Holly Likes to Tree Squirrels Yep, You Guessed It, More Squirrels I Love to Be Off Leash

Patrick and Taxi Play in CO  Patrick Runs  Patrick Runs Fast CO
Playing with Taxi in Castle Rock, CO Running Is Good Watch Me Go

Patrick Looks Woffie in CO  Patrick No Food  Patrick Watching Food

Castle Rock, CO I Get Grumpy If My Dinner Isn't On Time I Love Watching Meals Being Prepared

Patrick Near VLA    

I'm Not Sure I Like 7200' Altitudes

   Pat almost  Patrick

Sand and Snow Waiting for Dinner

Going for a ride    

Going For a Ride

Meeting Little Friend  RJ Loves Water
I Meet RJ, a 10 Week Old Newfoundland RJ Loves Playing In The Water


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