8 Years Old
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Officially, I am now a senior citizen in the eyes of others.  However, you are only as old as you feel (well I do feel older) and as old as you act (I can still play like a puppy, I just run out of steam faster than I used to).  Since I know that you would miss my adorable baby photos, you can click on the links above to see me as I mature.

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Patrick 8 Years Old

PatrickLagoon300_0326.jpg (63448 bytes)  Patrick's 8th Birthday by the Pacific  3 Dog Bakery on my Birthday
Enjoying the Warm California Weather Visiting the Pacific Ocean on my 8th Birthday Visiting Three Dog Bakery for Birthday Goodies

Birthday Bone Cookie  Not Patient on Bday  Standing for Treat
My Birthday Bone Cookie My Little Buddies Peeka and Boo join my Party It is Embarrassing to Do Tricks Just to Eat

Friends on Birthday  3 of us on my Birthday

Isn't It Nice that I Share?

Family Birthday Pose

Getting my Cookie Bone While Neighbors Look On  1st Bite of My Cookie Was Worthwhile

Getting to Taste My Birthday Cookie

Well, the First Bite was Certainly Good

Want More Bone   Katie300_0611.JPG (87663 bytes)
You Don't Think One Little Bite of My Cookie Is Enough Do You? My Friend Katie Girl

PatFtMeyersBeach_7238.JPG (75871 bytes)   PatFtMeyersBeach_7240.JPG (78193 bytes)
Enjoying the Gulf at Fort Meyers Beach, FL Still Watchful of That Moving Water








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