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Patrick does a great job of narrating our travels so I try never to interject myself.  However, there are few things as impressive as the stance and focused stare of an Irish Wolfhound.  While walking on the shores of Lake Michigan, a jet ski caught Patrick's attention.  He focused on the jet ski as it race across the lake.  He totally tuned out the world as he watched the jet ski.  He was oblivious to Georgia, me or the power or sail boats on the lake.  He only moved when I came between him and his vision of the jet ski, then he sat down and continued to focus.  Patrick's gaze continued for over 4 minutes until the jet ski was out of sight.   Such concentration!

I felt that this showed so vividly the Irish Wolfhound focus that I was compelled to devote a separate section to these photos.  I hope that you will forgive me for butting into Patrick's site but I did get his approval.

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Focused Attention, Lake Michigan, Gladstone, MI

I am Very Attentive  I am FOCUSED 


I am Watching a Jet Ski   

I Want That Jet Ski  Let Me At It  Anal Retentive


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