Safari Motorcoach
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I love Airstreams.  After over 2 years with my Airstream, Michael and Georgia bought a 35' Safari Sahara motorhome.  It takes getting use to the additional steps up into the coach (boy that thing sits up high) but I do have more room to stretch out (and you know how Wolfhounds love to stretch out.)

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Safari Sahara

Safari SaharaInterior As It Was Built
My New Home Living Room and Kitchen B.C. (Before Computer)

 How Dare They Put a Cat On My MotorhomeThis Cat May Have To GoI Am Not Big On Showers
Rear of My Diesel Pusher Don't You Think A Wolfhound Would Be More Appropriate? I Really Am Not Impressed With Showers

They Don't Want Me On This Bed Either  Travelling Through Arizona  I'm Wired Again
Bedroom Taking a Break in Arizona Back on the Internet Again with Our MotoSat DataStorm

My Life Is Good!    Classy Skirt    Looking At Windmills Outside of Palm Springs

Life in the Motorhome Isn't Too Tough New Skirt Should Help Protect My PT I Have A Great View While I Travel

Michael With His Rig In Tucson  Stopping in West Texas
About to Leave Tucson, AZ Rest Stop for Patrick in West Texas

Stone Guard    New Computer Desk 
Leaving California Computer Desk

Lose the Drawers, I Want a Washer/Dryer  Georgia Is Getting Happier  It's HERE
Drawers Occupying the Space for the Washer Plumbing Installation for Washer/Dryer Now You Can Wash My Towels

  Traveling Pacific Coast Highway  Resting At The Dunes
Safari/Monaco Service Center in Harrisburg, OR Pacific Coast Highway South of Santa Barbara Surfing the Internet In Newport Beach

Gale Banks Kit Increases Horsepower and Torque  Spring Is Nice In North Texas SafariOnLine_5571.jpg (31317 bytes)
Waiting for Gale Banks to Increase  Power  Safari in Melissa, TX West of Kerrville, TX


MotoSat DataStorm 2-Way Satellite Internet

Looking Down on the DataStorm Leaves Are Turning
DataStorm Moved to the Motorhome (turned off for safety while on the roof) Fall Arrives

DataStorm in Dunnigan, California  Aren't Generators Great  Big Internet Dish for Serious Internet Reception
DataStorm Blue Light in Northern California On the Internet at a Rest Stop in Central California New DataStorm F3 Dish (left) and Standard Dish (right) in Florida

2004 DataStorm Rally  Internet EVERYWHERE DS-at-Night_5911.jpg (11017 bytes)

2004 DataStorm Rally in Kerrville Texas DataStorm Watches the Sunset Full Moon over the DataStorm

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