Travels Part 4
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Patrick's Travels Part 4

May 2002 - November 2003

My present location
Photos of my travels

I always travel with my companions, Georgia and Michael.  They prepare my meals, take me for walks and most importantly, play with me.  I am always glad to get to Rest Stops so I can meet new people to play with.

We began our extended travels from Dallas, Texas in late May, 2000. During the following six months, I visited 13 western states and traveled over 15,000 miles. Click here for details of my first season on the road, including my broken foot.  For details of my winter of 2000-01 click here.  During the 2001 travel season, my objective was to have visited 30 states.  Click here to find out how I exceeded my own expectation.  During this time I had my first visit to Canada.  Then Michael took a series of photos of me watching a jet ski in Michigan that he wanted to share with you in the Focus of an Irishman.

We are beginning our 3rd year of exploring America.  We enjoyed the company of  Brittany, a wonderful Dalmatian, and her staff

Just after we crossed in New Mexico, I saw antelope for the first time since I was in Wyoming.  Then we headed for Roswell to see if we could find any aliens.  Roswell is famous with UFO buffs that claim that a space craft crashed outside of town in 1947.  They have a UFO Museum and Research Center there, but I didn't see anyone that I thought was an alien.  I did like the horses at Ruidoso Downs.  It is really pretty up in the mountains with lots of trees.  It doesn't look like most of New Mexico and it was certainly cooler.  When we left Roswell it was 93 degrees, it was 70 degrees at Ruidoso Downs and had dropped to 56 degrees with rain at Apache Summit.  Then we began the steep drop down to Tularosa the temperature climbed rapidly back into the 90's with a strong wind blowing dust everywhere.  By the time we passed Alamogordo and got to White Sands, it was 99 degrees.  That's too hot for an Irish Wolfhound so I decided I liked staying in the air-conditioned van.  We visited Las Cruces and toured Mesilla.  Michael and Georgia had dinner at La Posta Restaurant which is in the building that served as a way-station for the Butterfield Stage Line from 1858-1861.  Across the Plaza from the La Posta is the Thunderbird de la Mesilla.  Constructed in 1860, it is the oldest brick building in New Mexico.  After a good, hard rain in Las Cruces, we headed west to Tucson.  Michael and Georgia toured the Pima Aircraft and Space Museum and saw lot's of airplanes.  It was hot so I stayed at home in the air-conditioning.  I think I made the best decision of the group.  As we headed across Arizona to California it got hot.  I mean really hot.  Like 107 degrees.  I don't like that.

Well folks, my life is changing (and Wolfhounds aren't big on changes).  Michael bought a motorhome.  What on earth does he think I want with a motorhome.  I can't drive, remember!  We moved from the Airstream to a 35' Safari Sahara motorhome.  The move was a pain.  I don't like people stepping over me.  It took Michael and Georgia forever to get everything out of the Airstream and the Club Wagon and into the motorhome.  Then they sold the Airstream and the Club Wagon.  Since the Club Wagon was gone, we had to get a new car.  It had to be small enough to pull behind the motorhome and big enough for me.  That was a challenge.  We selected a new Chrysler PT Cruiser Turbo (yes, I did go car shopping with them to make sure I fit).  I don't have the room I did in the van but with the rear seats folded up against the front seats, I have lots of room to lay down in the back.  I can finally get in and out of the vehicle without a ramp.  I have added a page with some photos of my new home and my new car.  We finally settled in and life started to return to normal as we hit the road and headed back to Texas.  I really miss my little buddy Shilo.  I met a Bloodhound in Tucson but she didn't play like Shilo.

Oh, did I mention that I have allergies.  Too what, you ask?  Almost everything: grass, mold, cedar, and of all things sheep wool.  That little bit of knowledge cost me my sheep wool pads and got me started on allergy shots.  YUCK!  I enjoyed getting to see old friends in Livingston, Houston and Dallas.  I got to play with Scarlet, Andy, CJ and Darby.  I even got to go back to Tenderland Farms to visit my doggie Father and Mother and visit Donna.  Molly had one week old puppies but she wouldn't let me play with them.  How rude!!  Then we headed to Oregon.  On the way, I made a new friend.  In Abilene, I met Sparky (Ron's nine month old Pug).  We really enjoyed playing together.  He cheats when he fights though.  He runs under tables and chairs I can't get under.  We stopped by Newport Beach for Thanksgiving Dinner with Michael's brother and for me to play with Shiloh again.  Then I traveled up IH-5 through Central California.  Parts of IH-5 will really shake you up but it is the fastest route to Oregon.  Then we arrived in Harrisburg, Oregon.  It was cold and foggy but the Diamond Hills RV Park has both ducks and rabbits (BIG rabbits).  Then we took up residence at the Monaco/Safari Service Center in Harrisburg while we waited for a washer/dryer to be installed in my Safari motorhome.  Of course, I was the hit of the waiting room.  Sure there were other neat dogs there but none of my stature (or at least my height).  Lot's of nice people came over to play with me (other's just stepped over me to get to the refreshments).  So by day I hung out in the customer lounge and my night I returned to my comfortable sofa in the Safari to sleep.  After an extended visit at the Safari/Monaco Service Center, we headed south trying to beat the snow and high winds.  I don't like high winds!  They blow the coach around and I don't like being disturbed while I am resting.  Was I ever glad to get out of the wind.  The annual Newport Beach Boat Parade gives everyone the chance to decorate their boats/yachts and show off their skills and imagination.  We had the whole family together for Christmas.  I got special treats from Three Dog Bakery.  I like Christmas!

Now that 2003 is here, I thought I would be through with the wind that we had in December of 2002.  No such luck!  At least the winds are staying below 40 mph most of the time.  I like sand but not getting sandblasted.  I met another wonderful dog, Carley, a Bouvier des Flanders.  Boy, can we run and play.  We are a wonderful pair since I am almost white and she is jet black.  On February 14, 2003, I turned 3.  It was a beautiful sunny day and all was right with the world.  I hope that no one thinks that just because I am officially an adult, that I am going to stop acting like a puppy.  I see no need to grow up just because you get older.  I still try to play with all the dogs like I was 6 months old.

I traveled to Memphis, TN to attend the NMRC Conference at the Peabody Hotel.  Actually Georgia stayed at the Peabody.  Michael and I stayed in an RV Park in the motorhome.  I found that Memphis has grass burrs.  I do not like grass burrs.

Michael attended the DataStorm Users Rally in Tampa, Florida.  It was great to have over 50 motorhomes and fifth-wheels with DataStorm Internet Satellite systems together in one location.  Then Georgia returned to Destin, Florida without me.  Then we returned to Texas.

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Photos of my travels

States I Have Visited - 31
Canadian Provinces I Have Visited - 1
Total Miles Traveled - 54,162


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