Travels Part 5
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Patrick's Travels Part 5

December 2003 - June 2007

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I always travel with my companions, Georgia and Michael.  They prepare my meals, take me for walks and most importantly, play with me.  I am always glad to get to Rest Stops so I can meet new people to play with.

We began our extended travels from Dallas, Texas in late May, 2000. During the following six months, I visited 13 western states and traveled over 15,000 miles. Click here for details of my first season on the road, including my broken foot.  For details of my winter of 2000-01 click here.  During the 2001 travel season, my objective was to have visited 30 states.  Click here to find out how I exceeded my own expectation.  During this time I had my first visit to Canada.  Then Michael took a series of photos of me watching a jet ski in Michigan that he wanted to share with you in the Focus of an Irishman.  During our 3rd year we changed from the Airstream to a Safari Motorhome and revisited a number of the western states visiting locations I had never seen and traveled east to Tennessee.  Click here to get more details.

We traveled to Newport Beach for the Christmas holidays.  We past the fire damages areas around El Cajon near San Diego.  It was amazing to see an entire hillside that had burned with just a green patch around a house that had been saved through the efforts of the firefighters.  I just turned 4 on Valentines Day, 2004.  You will notice that it is very easy to keep up with my age.  For all practical purposes you can take the last digit of the year and you have my age. ( I know that it doesn't quite work for the first 6 weeks of the year but it is close enough for government work.)  March is turning out to be a great month.  First, the Newport Dunes completed a new dog run.  Make me a happy camper or what?  Yep, now the others get to run with the BIG DOG (that's me of course).  Then St. Patrick's Day comes along.  You remember that is one of my favorites since it was named after me.  With Spring here it is time to hit the road again.  We got to visit with friends and relatives at Cedar Creek Lake at Melissa and Lance's engagement party.

Then we headed to Las Vegas for some rest and relaxation.  Michael and Georgia visited the Casinos and saw Celine Dion while I got to stay in the Motorhome.  I don't think that's fair.  The 4th of July fireworks show was great but it scared me silly.  I don't mind the flashing lights but that booming noise has got to go.  Michael and Georgia celebrated their wedding anniversary at the Ritz Carlton.  That's great but they forgot to take me.  I know it was an oversight.

On August 14, 2004, Melissa graduated from St. Edwards University with a Masters Degree.  We are very proud of her, even though Michael and Georgia didn't take me to the graduation ceremony with them.  Don't you think I would have been a big hit?  I even offered to lead the processional but no dice.

On August 11, Michael's father passed away and was laid to rest in Dallas August 17.  We mourn the loss of a great man who helped so many throughout his life.  You are missed more than you could have ever imagined.

 The Loss Of A Great Man

We traveled to Austin for Melissa's wedding.  We had thunderstorms in Texas.  I don't like thunderstorms but this one burned out one GFCI outlet and tripped another one.  Michael got it fixed and we made it to Austin.  I now like thunderstorms even less!!!

September 4, 2004, Melissa married Lance Dean.  The wedding, held at One World Theatre in Austin, TX was wonderful.  Well over one hundred friends and family members attended this festive event.  Congratulations to the new bride and groom.  I have asked Michael to add a special wedding page to my website to commemorate this joyful event.  After the wedding we returned to Houston to visit relatives then back to Livingston.  Then we traveled to Dallas to visit friends.  It is always good to see old friends.  We got to visit with Lance and Melissa again on our way to the 2004 DataStorm Users Rally.

This year I got to attend the 2004 MotoSat DataStorm Users Rally in Kerrville, TX.   You may recall that last year Michael attended the rally without me.  Boo!!  121 people (and who knows how many dogs) in about 65 RVs with Internet Satellite systems attended this rally.  It was a great success at the beautiful Buckhorn Lake RV Resort.

We traveled 1/2 way across the country to see family in Southern California.  I attended the Top Dog Fashion Show in Newport Beach.  I got to meet lot's of new dogs.  My friends Daisy and Sonny were really dressed up for the occasion.  Daisy got best of class. 

We traveled to Yuma, AZ to visit my friend Shilo.  I think it is very nice to have friends drive long distances to see you.  Georgia spent some time with her sister in Houston then visited with her dear friend Mary in Dallas.  Michael and Georgia spent some time in Austin with Melissa and Lance but didn't take me.  That was particularly hard to swallow since Melissa and Lance have a new puppy.  I know I could have given the little girl some pointers that would have been very helpful in her early development.

Then we visited with Ron, Robert and Sparky in Abilene.  Hurricane Rita kept us in the Dallas area longer than anticipated but gave us the opportunity to see lot's of old friends.  There never is enough time to see all of our friends.  After returning to Livingston, we took a quick trip to Houston.  Unfortunately, Michael nearly completely severed his finger when the strap for the large awning broke.  It wasn't a pretty sight.  Then we headed to Austin.  After spending time with friends and relatives, we drove to Kerrville, for the 3rd Annual DataStorm Users Rally.  Since Michael and Georgia were involved in the Rally, I was bored.   They made it up to me by taking me to Yuma to see my friend Shilo.

In January of 2006, I got a new dwelling.  Michael and Georgia bought a 44' Newell Coach to replace the 35' Safari.  More changes for the Irish Wolfhound.  They took me to see Shiloh in Arizona to try out our new coach.  Other than having to climb the steep steps to get in, I really like the Newell (after my usual period of adapting to change).  I got to see the vintage trailers and vehicles in May.  That was fun!!  We traveled to Oklahoma to visit the Newell plant and have maintenance done on the coach.  I saw Shilo again in Yuma, Arizona, then we traveled back to Kerrville, Texas for the 4th annual DataStorm Users Rally.  They LOVE me at Buckhorn Lake RV Resort.  The Rally was the largest ever DataStorm Users gathering with 110 coaches and over 210 attendees.

We spent Christmas 2006 with our family in Austin, Texas.  It was a great Christmas with all the family arriving in Austin within 3 days of each other.  Everyone was thrilled to be together.  A special thanks to Melissa and Lance and Sharon and Scott for their wonderful hospitality.  Then we headed back to Yuma, AZ to visit Shiloh.  We then visited Quartzsite to visit friends and take in the winter activities of one of the largest gatherings of RV's in the nation.  Now that summer is closing in, it is getting hot in Yuma.

Time for another road trip.

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Photos of my travels

States I Have Visited - 31
Canadian Provinces I Have Visited - 1
Total Miles Traveled - 68,948

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