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As we travel, Michael and Georgia have promised that they will take photos to prove where I have been.   Utah has snow, the Mormon Temple, the site of the 2002 Winter Olympics, and did I mention SNOW.

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Home to the 2002 Winter Olympics Utah CapitalMormon Temple
Entering Utah from Arizona Utah State Capital Mormon Temple

Almost at the OlympicsUtah Winter SportsOlympic Ski Jump
Getting Closer to the Olympics Utah Winter Sports Complex - 2002 Olympics Ski Jumps with Olympic emblem

Bobsled Run Time board for Bobsled event

Winter Sports ComplexTasty New Home
Bobsled Run Home near the Olympic site

Great Salt LakeEast of Salt Lake CityEcho Lake
Great Salt Lake East of Salt Lake City Echo Lake

Echo CanyonMy First Sight of Southern Utah  First Snow of the Season  

Echo Canyon, east of Echo Lake Entering Utah from Arizona on I-15 First Season Snow in the Mountains near Nephi

Clouds Eating the Mountain  It really Snowed on Us

Mountains near Provo November snow in Salt Lake

Click Here for a 9 second video of me playing in the snow

UtahMilfordFireBurning_1906.JPG (87555 bytes)  UtahMilfordFire_1936.JPG (128261 bytes)  UtahMilfordFire_1950.JPG (143450 bytes)
Milford Fire burning in Central Utah July 2007 Fire had jumped I-15 and started burning the east side of the interstate Charred remains of trees, brush and grass

MotoSat_2032.JPG (51384 bytes)  LCU1D2D3_2025.JPG (64538 bytes)  TechSupport_2033.JPG (63451 bytes)
MotoSat Lobby Three Generations of DataStorm Internet Controllers, the LCU-1, D-2 and D-3 MotoSat Tech Support Offices

Soldering Board_2034.JPG (99139 bytes)  ComponentStuffer_2035.JPG (98335 bytes)  XFAssembly_2038.JPG (94977 bytes)
Soldering components on the control boards Automatic parts insertion machine XF Mount Assembly Area

MoldingPress_2068.JPG (95240 bytes)  RoyalMD_2086.JPG (84879 bytes)  MotoSatHeadquarters_2094.JPG (78801 bytes)  MotoSatHeadquarters_2096.JPG (91796 bytes)
Molding Press Royal and Michael at the Newell MotoSat World Headquarters MotoSat Headquarters in Salt Lake City

BainofSatellite_2091.JPG (113045 bytes)  SLCKOA_2104.JPG (112245 bytes)  SaltLakeCityGermanRV_2097.JPG (143067 bytes)
Trees, the bane of existence for Satellite Internet Much better Site at the KOA in Salt Lake City A Germany RV

EnjoyingSLC_2106.JPG (82383 bytes)  THEDish_2113.JPG (49027 bytes)  SLCSunset_2117.JPG (63753 bytes)
Patrick Enjoying The Evening in Salt Lake City Dish Locked onto SatMex5 Sunset in Salt Lake City

UtahSlowTrafficFlashers_2120.JPG (211621 bytes)  ParkCityUtahNewellOlympic_2138.JPG (94331 bytes)  EchoReservoirCoalvilleUtah_2156.JPG (106233 bytes)
For Those Who Think It Is Illegal To Use Your Flashers When Climb Steep Grades Ski Slopes Constructed for the Winter Olympics in Park City, UT Echo Reservoir

WestofWahsatchUtah_2159.JPG (118728 bytes)
Great Hills West of Wahsatch

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